Thursday 12 March 2015

Aye, so an update

Some five and a half months after my Doctor referred me on for ADHD assessment, today I finally saw a Psychiatrist.  In between times, I saw someone in the adult psychology team for a kind of triage.

The psychiatrist wasn't absolutely committing to a definitive diagnosis, but said that he thinks it is likely on the basis of everything he could see that I have ADHD to some extent.  Thus, tomorrow, assuming I can get through on the phone in time, I will be making an appointment with my GP to commence a course of Atomoxetine.

After so long, it is a bit odd to get that diagnosis - couched in "likely", but I'll take that answer, and will give it a go.

It feels a little anti-climatic for now, especially as according to the internet, Atomoxetine takes weeks to have an impact, and I'd been expecting to be started on stimulants (which I believe to be a lot cheaper) that kick in very quickly.

It will be interesting, and anybody out there that bothers to read this and has regular interactions with me, please do let me know if you notice any changes in me over the next wee while - positive or negative.

Anyway, love, light and peace to all, and to all a good night!


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