Wednesday 25 March 2015

Aye, another ADHD update

I've been taking Atomoxetine for a week and a half now, stepping up to a full dose on Monday past. and I think there are some changes that I can see, although it will take a while longer before it becomes fully effective.  I'm just going to bullet point it for brevity - on a late start today, but I do need to go to work.

  • I'm less fidgety - checking my phone less obsessively
  • I'm probably sitting stiller - I haven't caught myself bouncing my leg as much
  • I'm definitely waking up a bit better, although my sleep pattern is not in any way regular, and losing an hour at the weekend I dread...
  • There may be a point in the day where it is becoming less effective, and it wearing off may not be good - my brain had a major moment of being fried at about 4pm yesterday.
  • I'm still having a bit more reflux than I was
  • I need to drink a lot of water
That about sums it up.  I think I am thinking more about what I am writing and saying, which is probably a good thing as long as it leads to an improvement in quality more than a reduction in quantity.

Anyway, that'll do for now.  Love, light and peace to all,


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