Monday 27 May 2019

A quote, and a very quick thought it inspires

From an article by Jane Gilmore about a senior Union official in Australia, why he should resign, and why others should condemn him (I do)*, but the quite is applicable in all too many situations globally, and perfectly put:

"This is the thing about principles: they are only principles if they apply equally to everyone. Otherwise they are nothing but political weapons, used only in an attempt to damage your opponents with no regard for how such tactics weaken the standard and damage the credibility of genuine victims."

I am too much of a feartie to get it as a tattoo, but the quote is a standard to which I would like to aspire. 

Call me on it if you see me failing, and question yourself, and any allies of convenience, from time to time too. We can be better people.

This isn't an argument for "screw the dolphins, what about the whales" politics of disrupting worthy campaigns for failing to offer a disclaimer just as long as their manifesto highlighting another injustice - if you think somebody's cause is worthy, but have a semi-related issue that you feel strongly about, don't disrupt their campaign to prioritise yours - talk to them quietly at the side about how you might work together in future, and how you might both allow each other space to advance your important issues both separately and together without taking anything away from each other.

If your politics comes from a place of love, it shouldn't be too hard to do this, or to spot those whose motivation comes from a place of hate.

Hate may sometimes, for those engaged in a liberation struggle, be to the fore, but still stem from love for those oppressed.

Motivation matters.

*source of the quote: - thanks to  Tash (@thornburyrocks on twitter) for sharing the link. Neither Jane Gilmore as the author of the piece, nor Tash as my cited source, should be held liable or understood to endorse my ramblings!

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